Summer is right around the corner and the warmer temperatures are beginning to return to Connecticut. This means that many home and business owners will soon be outside working on improving their property. Lawns will be cut, landscaping will ensue and grounds will be sculpted, not to mention home additions, painting, deck building, and more!

Those who will be hard at work on projects outside this spring and summer should remember to have insurance coverage for their homes and businesses. The last thing you need is for something go wrong, only to find out that your home or business property is not adequately covered. Nicholas / Tobin Insurance offers homeowners and business insurance for customers in Kent, New Milford and the surrounding areas. We are your source for information on your existing policy, what it covers, and what coverage you may want to add if you are about to make improvements to your home or business.

Get the Right Coverage before Improving your Home or Business

Your home and business are likely to be your biggest investments, so be sure to protect them. Basic homeowners insurance will protect the house itself as well as other structures on your property, typically including many types of outdoor improvements or additions. To be sure, find out what your policy covers by speaking with a professional.

If you are beginning a home improvement project, you may want to see what your homeowner?s insurance will cover if someone were hurt during an improvement project, what replacement costs would be covered if the improvements were damaged due to weather or another catastrophe, as well as the cost of repairs if your home should suffer any damage during the construction work.

The same need for liability insurance applies to businesses. Nicholas / Tobin Insurance has commercial property insurance available for businesses to protect them from property losses. If you end up damaging your business? property during a construction project, you will want coverage for your losses. General liability coverage can protect your business from liability if someone is injured on your property while working on a construction or landscaping project, but you may also be interested in business interruption coverage in case your property is damaged and your business is forced to a temporary site.

For homeowners insurance, business insurance or auto insurance, the best choice for customers in Kent and New Milford is Nicholas / Tobin Insurance. We provide the best coverage for a wide variety of needs at the best possible price. Protect your home, business and property with coverage from Nicholas /Tobin Insurance.

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