In light of the current hurricane season, it may be a good time to make sure that your home is covered to handle unpredictable weather with natural disaster insurance policies. While there is no assurance that the worst will happen, it’s good to know that you are prepared in the event that it does. That is why a comprehensive insurance plan that takes a number of potential natural disasters into account is going to be the safest bet. The following is a rundown of some popular natural disaster endorsement plans and what they’ll bring to the protection afforded by your automobile and homeowners insurance.


Like most natural disaster coverage, homeowners’ insurance does not handle earthquake coverage in standard practice. You will have to purchase earthquake endorsement, which may be highly beneficial considering how devastating direct earthquake damage can be. And earth quakes are not just a western United States issue! In fact, New York State has a fault running right down the middle of it. Should damage from earthquakes be of concern to you, please don’t hesitate to ask how we can assist you with providing the coverage to meet your needs.


Flooding damage can range from simple cost replacement to large scale renovations of foundations and additions. The best way to go about preparing your homeowners’ insurance or auto insurance plan for flooding is to educate yourself about your local area and its history/frequency in handling flooding. Governmental agencies and other organizations provide detailed, frequently updated maps that outline the areas of the country that are the most susceptible to catastrophic flood damage. If you live in a particularly susceptible area to flood damage, talk to our firm to find out your options for adding flood policy to insurance portfolio. Just remember damage from floods are an excluded provision under any homeowners policy.


Storm damage, especially resulting from catastrophic hurricanes and the like, is always a possibility in coastal areas which are highly exposed to powerful storms and hurricanes from June on. Talk to Nicholas / Tobin and ask about what is covered and what isn?t, so that you may easily fill in the holes of your plan by having the right coverage. What is important to know is that all policies have strict limitations with respect to damages that are caused by large storms. If damage to your driveway, pool, outdoor building or stone wall on your property is of concern, you may want to speak with our firm, as these may require additional coverage. Likewise, the cost of tree removal, food spoilage or damage resulting from power outage may not be automatically covered by your policy. It is the incidental coverage limitations that can make a break an insurance policy. More importantly, they will determine how smoothly your claim will go when you need it most.

It’s better to be safe and protected. With the strength of natural disasters, your home and automobile could be one incident away from irreparable damage. That is why it’s best to contact Nicholas / Tobin today about the available coverage and endorsements that will protect your investments should the unthinkable happen this stormy season.

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