Personal Insurance

As with many things, the best way to manage your insurance needs is through regular, comprehensive reviews of your coverage to insure it’s keeping up with your changing lifestyle and assets. Our professional advisors will help you evaluate your coverage needs, discuss risk management solutions and customize a policy that is right for you.

Homeowners Insurance

Castle, cape or cozy cottage, we'll help you find the right protection.

Whether you are purchasing your first home, building a weekend retreat or are a seasoned homeowner, we can help you. Likely your most valuable asset, your home is what should have the best coverage for the worst case scenarios. Using our partnerships with over twelve premier insurance companies, we’ll craft a policy that protects your home, way of life and peace of mind.

Auto Insurance

Drive with confidence knowing you’re covered for whatever comes your way.

Cars get us around – to work, play and back again. However important to your lifestyle, cars are also what put you and your assets most at risk everyday. Not having the right, or enough, coverage can be a costly mistake. The right coverage protects not only injured parties and property outside your vehicle, but you and your family inside. Call us for a comprehensive review.

Condominiums, Co-ops, Brownstones

Renting or buying, we can help you with the fine print.

Condominiums and co-ops often have unique rules that require different insurance strategies and coverage. Our knowledgeable advisers will guide you through the paperwork so it’s clear where your liability starts and stops. From upgrades to special assessments with a claim, we’ll be sure you’re covered properly.

Did you know Nicholas / Tobin is licensed in over 24 states? From the East Coast to the West Coast, our team is prepared to be your professional insurance advisor.

Valuable Articles

More than memories, your jewelry, collectibles and fine arts are investments.

Whether you collect art or antiques, or need to protect a single piece of jewelry, we’ll design a policy to suit your needs. Homeowners policies have limited coverage for most of these items so we’ll explain the best way to protect those precious possessions. If lost, misplaced or damaged, replacement or repair could be costly. We will show you how to be protected before trouble strikes.

Collector Car, Boat and Yacht Insurance

Let us keep you on the water, in the woods or on the snow in confidence.

If you’re a boater, biker or classic car owner, Nicholas / Tobin can help you protect your recreational vehicles. These assets usually require specialized companies and coverage. Let our team guide you with the appropriate coverage and limits so you can keep enjoying the great outdoors.

Personal Excess Umbrella Liability

Get comprehensive, worldwide coverage with an excess liability policy.

Protecting your hard-earned assets is what insurance is all about. Making sure you have appropriate limits that adequately reflect your exposure and risk tolerance is where an excess liability or umbrella policy can make a world of difference. Your home and auto liability coverage may not be enough to cover a large claim or lawsuit. Don’t be caught short – let us help.

Despite what some commercials might lead you to believe, not all policies are the same. As an independent agent, we partner with over a dozen of the nation’s premier carriers to find and build a policy to your specifications.

Our Personal Insurance Products

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Nicholas / Tobin Insurance is an independent insurance agency serving the homeowners, auto and business insurance needs of Connecticut and New York residents.

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