Auto accidents can happen anywhere. What if you or a family member has a bad accident more than 50 miles from home. The right policy ensures you don’t have to drive home afterwards. Instead you’d be covered for meals, hotel, and alternative transportation costs if you have loss of use coverage.

If your car is stolen, do you know what value your policy covers?

Negotiation for agreed value instead of market value ensures you know the settlement value of your auto at the time you purchase your policy – not an unwelcome surprise later. With this option, you’ll know what you’ll get and enjoy it without a deductible or depreciation.

Other Private Client solutions include:

  • Worldwide rental vehicle coverage – policies can include physical and bodily injury coverage
  • Repair location option – allows you to have repairs done at the shop of your choice
  • OEM parts – covers repairs done with original equipment manufactured parts, not after-market parts

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