As a Private Client of Nicholas / Tobin, you can be confident that our team will strive to understand your goals, needs, and even fears so we can craft the best possible insurance coverage. Your liability coverage is arguably more important than your property needs, given that it follows you and your family everywhere. Nicholas / Tobin starts by understanding your lifestyle, travel patterns, family logistics, and other dynamics before we discuss your home and property needs.

Once liability coverage is designed, we’ll be sure your property is protected against claims involving your home, other structures, personal belongings, medical coverage and have adequate liability coverage. However, as a Private Client, you’ll have access to other valuable choices including:

  • Deductible management – Perhaps you’d like using a carrier that waives the deductible if the loss is over $50,000? We’ll find you a comfortable way to manage costs with innovative deductible options.
  • Dwelling replacement – Extended replacement coverage provides additional funds in the event the estimate to rebuild or repair your home exceeds the amount in your policy.
  • Cash-out options – Most insurance policies force you to rebuild your home after a complete loss. But if the house was for sale or was a vacation home you may not want to rebuild and spend the time doing so. Explore options that let you take the insurance money and buy new.
  • Incidental farming / Agricultural coverage – Depending on your operations, you may not need an additional policy if you have a qualified insurance provider.

Ask us about our other liability programs:

  • Worldwide liability coverage
  • Personal injury (against libel and slander)
  • Medical payments
  • Incidental Business and Home Office
  • Identity Fraud
  • Kidnap expenses
  • Boarder coverage
  • Credit/bank coverage
  • Incidental farming
  • Valuable Articles

Nicholas / Tobin Insurance is an independent insurance agency serving the homeowners, auto and business insurance needs of Connecticut and New York residents.

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