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Collector Car Insurance

Collecting and restoring classic automobiles can be a fulfilling way to spend your time. However, there are complexities to insuring these vehicles you’ll want to know about to protect your investment properly. Nicholas / Tobin knows how to effectively evaluate and customize coverage for classic and antique autos – call us to explore the right coverage for you.

Did you know?

Many collector car policies have unique limitations and restrictions. While it’s common knowledge that most insurance restricts annual mileage, some restrict where you can take your car, such as the grocery store, shopping centers and even to and from business. We can help clarify the boundaries.

Our collector car insurance programs include:

A watercraft policy is designed for those who enjoy time on the water.

Similar to an auto policy, how well your watercraft coverage reflects your boat and your needs can differ from policy to policy. Knowing how your boat policy will respond to a loss to the hull and machinery, rigging, tender, outboards or personal effects is vital to getting you back on the water.

Did you know?

Some homeowners policies provide limited boat coverages for small sail boats, also rowing shells and inflatables.

Ask us today if that can be a cost effective approach for you.

We also can help with:

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