Private Client

Protecting your success and wealth calls for unique insurance strategies. Nicholas / Tobin recognizes affluent clients have more complex asset portfolios with different risks, goals, expectations and a need for the utmost in confidentiality. As a ‘Private Client’ of Nicholas / Tobin you’ll enjoy unmatched insurance advice, service and support.

Private Client services are reserved for those with a net worth of $3M+ or home(s) valuing $1.5M+ and/or total insurance premiums over $15,000. Whether you have assets in Connecticut, New York or elsewhere, you will have one Nicholas / Tobin advisor for all your needs.

Personal Security

Higher net worth can make you a target. With our network of security consultants, we’ll evaluate your susceptibility to risk and provide resources to secure your assets effectively.

Travel Security

As a frequent domestic or international traveler, you’re more susceptible to accidents, illnesses and other emergencies. Learn how optional emergency medical transportation coverage and excess healthcare and emergency travel assistance plans can help.

Collections Management

Your jewelry, art collection or antiques are valuable and emotionally significant. Our network of experts can help you assess their market value, keep them in mint condition and protect them against loss or damage.

Staff Management

We can assist you with the risks that come with employing a personal staff. From false allegations to reputation damage we can discuss how having the right coverage can minimize these risks.

Homeowners Insurance

Protect your home with choice and control.

No matter how grand your home, protecting your family is your primary concern. That’s why before we review your property needs, Nicholas / Tobin explores your liability to ensure we match your lifestyle with your liability and property coverage. From rebuilding homes to protecting growing families, you’ll be covered.

Auto Insurance

Commuter car, weekend SUV and vacation convertible – each needs different protection.

Each vehicle serves a purpose and therefore requires a different insurance approach. The right insurance strategy ensures you’re covered for where and when you use them. Our team will help you find the best options and simplify it all into one road-ready policy.

Condo & Co-ops

No matter where a home is, or who maintains it, we can help protect it all.

If home is a condo, co-op or brownstone we can educate you about how these managed properties view insurance – both theirs and yours. Let us help protect you against uncovered losses that the association could pass on to you.

Valuable Articles & Jewelry

From newly purchased to inherited treasures, be confident your collection is safe.

With a Valuable Articles policy you will be secure in knowing that your jewelry, fine arts, or collectibles are insured anywhere in the world. Frustrated with securing appraisals? Some carriers have much higher thresholds for requiring appraisals – we can save you that step.

With deep experience and partnerships serving high net worth clients, Nicholas / Tobin has partnered with the country’s leading insurance carriers to design plans that give clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Classic Auto, Motorcycles & Watercraft

Relax and get away from it all knowing your investment is secure.

Some classic car, boat, yacht and motorcycle policies limit your travels, usage and valuation. Your Nicholas / Tobin advisor provides coverage that allows you to freely explore and enjoy any adventure.

Excess Liability

Your net worth makes you a target. Close risky gaps with an excess policy.

Multiple homes, frequent travel, teenage drivers, they add up to greater exposure and risk. An excess policy is triggered when the amount you must pay in a covered lawsuit exceeds the limits of liability under your primary home, auto or watercraft policy. Don’t let your wealth and exposures put your future at risk.

Home Office & Employee Coverage

Enjoy the service and support, not the risks of employing people in your home.

It’s said “many hands make light work” but these hands can get injured, damage property or your reputation. We help Private Clients think ahead of these concerns with Employment Practice Liability and Domestic Workers Compensation coverage. We can help with background checks too.

Farms & Estates

Live off the land with confidence.

Depending on the size and type of your agricultural operation, you may need a specialized farm policy. From wines to equines, our personal lines team will conduct a review and offer you cost-effective choices to ensure you can weather tough times.

Nicholas / Tobin Insurance is an independent insurance agency serving the homeowners, auto and business insurance needs of Connecticut and New York residents.

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