Cyber Liability Insurance

One of the most valuable assets a company has is its network. Stored data may include customer profiles, records, receipts, tax documents, intellectual property and trade secrets. Unintentional acts, mistakes, errors or omissions by your employees are why cyber liability/ privacy insurance is so important in our digital age. Nicholas / Tobin has insurance solutions to protect against a range of cyber threats:

  • Website Media Liability (covers libel, slander and copyright)
  • Security Liability (failure to prevent entrance or spread of virus or hacker)
  • Privacy Liability (failure to prevent private data breaches)
  • First Part Cyber Extortion (Ransom Payments)
  • Device security (covers contents of lost business devices)

Did you know?

Cyber and privacy insurance is separate from technology errors and omissions insurance. The typical business insurance policy only covers so-called tangible assets and electronic/privacy data is not considered tangible under the standard policy definition. Nor does a typical business policy coverage for user errors. Cyber liability insurance fills the gaps.

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