Valuable Articles & Jewelry

Whether your collection started with a deliberate plan or simply because an object caught your eye, you know that managing and caring for your treasured items means more than just deciding where to put them.

Many decisions impact your collection. Perhaps you want to move some objects to another home, place part of your lot into storage to make room for new additions or learn how to safely display your piece. Or maybe you are simply interested in learning more about your collection.

Nicholas / Tobin Insurance understands the passion and challenges that come with protecting art, antiques, jewelry, and other collectibles. Whatever the collection – from photographs, decorative arts and wine to fine arts or memorabilia – we can assist you in exploring what coverage is right for you.

Coverage Highlights


A homeowners policy does provide very limited coverage for valuables, such as jewelry. Items are not typically covered if they get lost, misplaced or break. And unlike a Valuable Articles policy, coverage under the Homeowners portion is subject to the policy deductible.

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